Dairyland Kenya

Bringing Back Delicious Fun
To A Fun Brand

One of the leading confectionery manufacturing and distribution companies in East Africa with a rich history was in the process of further diversifying its product offering while still building awareness of the existing products. The brand approached us to develop a digital strategy that will drive brand awareness of the diversified products, cultivate brand consideration, engagement and eventually drive leads and conversion

Facebook, Instagram, TikTok


Our Role
Digital Strategy, Social Media Management, Content Creation, Media Buying

A brand is more than its product offering. It is also defined by the experiences it provides and the meaningful connection it makes with the target audience.

Amazing Recipe Creation

To help drive product use in a fun and engaging way, we developed fun recipes that featured various Dairyland products.

April Fools mini campaign

We leveraged fun and relatable holidays such as April fools, where we came up with deliciously fun and over the top parody flavors to engage and spark engagement with the community

Impact Feb To May

#DeliciousFun is slowly becoming part of the communities’ social culture concerning Dairyland products, evident by the use of the hashtag in the user generated content and the community engagement.

Growth In Engagement: 66%

Growth in Reach: 82%