Teeling Whiskey

Rise Of The Phoenix


Teeling Whiskey is an award-winning Irish whiskey. Their company’s symbol of the Phoenix, a mythical bird that is consumed by fire only to rise and be reborn from its ashes, is a true representation of the brand’s revival and its effort to leave a mark in the Irish whiskey industry. The task at hand was to create brand awareness in the Kenyan market.


Teeling Whiskey

Services Rendered

Content Development, Digital Marketing, Product Photography, Brand Development Strategy


Making its debut in Kenya, we wanted to establish the brand in the Kenyan mind. This meant contextualizing content and amazing visuals which would be relatable to a demographic that knows what they want in life and doesn’t follow the crowd. Photography captured the true essence of the whiskey; bold, unashamed yet sophisticated.

“You really captured Teeling in an amazing way. Your communication of the brand was topnotch.”

Irene Maina / Brand Manager - FIRST DRINKS
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