Museum Hill Wines

Re-expression of Legacy


Museum Hill Wines is a licensed importer and distributor of world-class wines, vodkas, beers and whiskeys. In existence for over 10 years, the company evolved from retailing of local beverages to ultimately being a major distributor of a diverse beverage portfolio.

The challenge was with the change in times, the brand needed to appeal to a more current audience, starting with the look and feel of the company image.


Museum Hill Wines

Services Rendered

Rebranding & Graphic Design


Appeal to the classic nature of the brand, utilizing the brand colours and complementary tones, starting with the logo to the application of it.

Heavily inspired by classic wine brands, we developed the concept for the logo with simple elements that express the maturity of the brand.

“I love how you captured the classic yet mature nature of our brand. Your work truly captures our journey so far”

Jennifer Njoka / Marketing Director - MUSEUM HILL
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