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Are you leveraging video as a medium for your company profile? There’s a whole range of reasons why video is a more effective tool of communication. But for brevity’s sake, we’ll only mention the main ones. For instance, advances in technology highly favour video content more than any other content format. Thus businesses are now exploring using it as an avenue to tell their company stories.

Secondly, video is an engaging and effective medium. It conveys your company’s value proposition far better than face-to-face interactions or informative brochures. In other words, video strengthens your company’s message and your audience can digest this message within a matter of seconds. Furthermore, this content can be used on your website and other avenues like Vimeo or YouTube.

“A company profile is an introduction to your business, and aims to tell an audience about your products or services. However, a company profile shouldn't just tell your audience what you sell -- it should also tell viewers why you sell it. A company profile often includes a compelling story about how the company began, as well as the company's vision and values.”

Caroline ForseyHubspot Blog Writer

Capwell Industries’ company profile is a showstopper that not only grabs your attention but takes you on a brief journey of its history and capabilities. From the background music that sets the tone to visuals that paint a vivid picture of quality assurance. Their company profile video is truly a mark of quality. But don’t take our word for it, take a look.

Capwell Industries Company Profile

Here are a few tips on executing a company profile video worth remembering:

Have a clear purpose

Before commencing on shooting your company profile, ask yourself WHY it is necessary in the first place. Usually, companies either want to raise awareness, to educate their audience or to persuade their untapped audience to take a certain action. Whatever your goal is, all activities must tie to your purpose for maximum effect.

K.I.S.S (Keep It Short & Simple)

Did you know it only takes 5 seconds to grab your viewer’s attention? We always want to be on the next thing and if the first few seconds of your video is a snooze fest, well, you’ll be doing yourself a disservice. Keep your video to about 3 minutes long and go straight to the point. By the way, make sure you have an attention-grabbing thumbnail for your video.

Get visual

You would think this would be obvious considering it is a video after all, but here’s what we mean. Focus on SHOWING as opposed to only TALKING about your product or service. Basically, have a few frames that demonstrate how your product works and how effective and professional the service you’re offering is.

Use proper gear

We know having stiff budgets is the norm in many companies when it comes to promoting your brand, products and services. However, you NEED to invest to achieve desired results. Get an experienced team that works with the best equipment. This includes audio quality, lighting, and photography. Remember we are shooting for quality, not quantity.  Plus, keep in mind that this company profile can be re-purposed online and offline and used over a long period. Your company’s reputation is on the line!

company profile video

Have a script and narrator

You’ve heard it before, and we’ll say it again. If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Improvising may seem like a cool idea, but you should get an exceptional scriptwriter and narrator on your team. The goal here is to tell your company’s story the best way possible, within a short time. Remember that the tone and mood of your video matter too.

Humanize the brand

It doesn’t matter if you are selling the latest technology or fancy nail polish. Your content needs to be relatable to your audience and showcase a level of transparency. This means you first have to know who your target audience really is. Incorporating face-to-face interviews or snippets of your team are a great way to humanize your brand.


A company profile should give insight into the essence of your company. Therefore, you can’t afford to have a lackluster approach towards it. According to a research conducted by Digital Cloud, viewers can retain 95% of a message when they watch a video but only 10% when reading the same information in a text. Invest wisely in video as a medium to broadcast your company’s message. You’ll be happy you did once leads start to trickle in and your customer loyalty increases. Once you’re video is set to go, maybe these hacks could help you get as many views as you possibly can.

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