East African Community

Rethinking the EAC Brand Identity In A Digital Age


The East African Community is an intergovernmental organization composed of six countries in the African Great Lakes region in eastern Africa: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. The key pain points of the brand architecture was a lack of consistency in the online and offline visual language between organs and institutions. There was also an inability to adapt to the changing and evolving nature of the organization.
Our approach to the challenge presented by the brief was to create an Identity system that would communicate the EAC’s common purpose by connecting the cultural diversity of the member states, the enormous wealth pooled together by the nations and the beauty of the East Africa region that has made us the envy of the world. This connected identity would have the ability and capacity to stretch across all EAC platforms, organs and channels.


East African Community

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Creative Direction & Branding


Re-create brand identity by taking into consideration key aspects that characterize the key entities of the EAC.
Cultural Diversity
We represented this artistic concept using an abstract pattern that was moderately intricate but distinctly identifiable. Due to its encompassing nature, the cultural element also forms the basis for the common unique identifier for all EAC Organs and Institutions and key graphical element.
Scenic Beauty
East Africa is beautiful, from our game reserves to Mt Kenya, to The Ruwenzori ranges and the Virunga mountains to Mt Kilimanjaro. To represent this beauty, we choose a mountain icon representing Mt Kilimanjaro since it’s the highest and most prominent.
Resource Wealth
The regions resource wealth is best embodied in Lake Victoria, an Icon of the EA region. We used a water icon to represent the common wealth of the East African Community. From oil to geothermal to tanzanite, our shared wealth is our common heritage and the catalyst for growth in the region.
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